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Please learn your Japanese, KingsIsle.

Jun 06, 2009
It's quite evident that the language used in MooShu is Japanese. Now, there are two readily evident lingual issues that annoy the heck out of me.

1: The pronunciation of the letter "I" in MooShu. In Japanese, the letter "i" is pronounced /ee/. In Mooshu, it is erroneusly pronounced /ai/ (the Maneki Web Walkers are a good example).

2: "Oni no Death" in the Shirataki Temple area. While it is correct that "no" is Japanese for "of," the sequence is reversed (for example, seeing as "ho" is "fire" and "kami" is "god", a "god of fire" is a "ho no kami").
It should therefore be "Death no Oni (or, even better, "Shi no Oni")" or maybe just "Death Oni."