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Plague Oni won't appear in arena?

Jun 14, 2013
I am on a mooshu quest, in the dungeon where I fight plague oni. At the beginning of the dungeon, my friend and I cheated and fought him early on. Now that I got to the end, there is no one in the dojo/arena/palace to fight. No minions, no boss. My quest helper keeps saying that I still have to fight him. How can I get past this? Has this happened to anyone else? I need help, stat!
~Brooke Nightrider, level 37

Dec 19, 2013
That exact same thing is happening to me! I did the shirataki quest then the quest from Moolinda and I have to fight him again and hes not there, like the pointers there and I have to fight him but he isn't
I don't know what to do! I want my new card

Feb 01, 2011
That happened to me. I still had the quest to defeat the plague oni even after I teleported out, so my friend did the entire dungeon, and I teleported when she got to the final boss. And there he was. After four tries, there he was. With friends the boss himself is really not that hard, although alone he can be challenging. Hope this helped.
Sincerely, Grace Sandweaver, Level 37 Balance.