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Plague oni spell quest

Jul 06, 2011
I'am a 38th lvl life wiz. and just got a spell quest that involved doing the sunken city quest to get a book from Grubb then I have to go defeat the Plague oni in mushoo. When I got there I cant get into the temple, does anyone know about this spell quest? and what spell I'll get?


Feb 28, 2011
I honestly dont remember my life student doing this quest but then i've got 9 students so remembering who did what is hard lol.

Here's what I found out for you, you get the dryad spell. Any info you need on your life wiz, spells and quests you will get and when is found here:
When looking at the info on this site for your life spells, you can actually click on the spell quests to see what is involved, lots of info you can get from this site on absolutely everything, it's the best site i've found for info. Make sure you save it to your favorites, i've found I resort to that site when going to a dungeon as you can get all the info on the bosses, what they use and that sort of thing. Also great for pet and plant info, gear info, everything.
As far as not being able to get in to fight the boss you need for your spell, that happens to many of us if we arent at the level or quest line to gain access. I've had to have someone let me port to them in DS or CL for spell quests I had for my myth student. (I tend to help more than I quest so I lvl up faster and am behind on quest line for my students lvl :( )
For my life student (which is on a second account from my myth student) I think I must have had to have my myth get there and port my life student to her to do the quest for the spell. So hopefully you can get a friend to help you get to the spot you need or get you in to the temple for the battle :)
Good luck. I'd help if I could but it's impossible to schedule a meet time and place thru the forum :(
Taryn RavenHeart lvl 63 Myth
Rylee SpriteCaster lvl 63 Life
(and too many more to mention lol)

Jan 15, 2011
You need to do all the Shoshun village & Cave of solitude quests to get into Shiritaki Temple. The spell you will recieve is Dryad.

Jul 06, 2011