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plague oni

Jun 09, 2009
How can I beat the plague know when I can't get past wavebringer. He keeps shielding himself when I try to attack.can somebody help me. I will be in front of shirataki temple at 7:00 pm. My name is Patrick and I am a magus storm

May 20, 2010
Prisms, Traps, and Shields are looked at by the game on a last-placed, first-looked-at basis. So you want your Prism to be placed before his Shield is, so the spell bypasses the shield and uses the Prism before hitting Wavebringer. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way, nor is a Prism always available.

You can get around this with a simple tactic. Go to the Bazaar and buy 5 Blood Bat (Myth school) treasure cards, and you can also buy an inexpensive Myth school wand. Equip the Myth wand and put the Treasure cards in your sideboard.

Now when you fight Wavebringer, put down your Prisms as you get them. When you're done, use your wand or the Treasure cards to break any existing Myth Shields. Now you can set up your Storm spells. Don't worry about any Myth shields he puts down after this, as they will be bypassed before they hit your Prisms.

Feb 14, 2010
You can also use the myth spell (or treasure card) "Pierce" to remove a shield from an opponent. It is a very handy spell to have.

Mar 14, 2010
my name is patrick too so lol
i am myth and i use minutaur it works because first it breaks its shield and then do the big boom you should do that if you have it or a treasure card of it. hope this helped :D :D

Apr 24, 2011
i understand that the plague oni is hard i remember doing with a friends and it wasn't that hard. keep trying

Sep 18, 2009
Yeah, make sure your prisms are stacked in the right order. If they aren't showing up, but some or craft some and have them in your treasure deck. If you still can't beat him, ask for help. Clear the dungeon up until him, set a mark, teleport to the commons, and ask if anyone will help you with Wavebringer. It is a long dungeon, but if you let them know you have it cleared to that point, most higher levels will jump on the chance to fight just 1 battle with a chance for a pet. At least I would. :) I'd even stay to help with the Plague Oni.

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
Try the shatter or earthquake treasure. If u trained for myth then do some side quests to get normal earth quake card

Jul 06, 2011
I am a 38th level life wiz, and just got a spell quest to defeat the plaque oni and I cant get into the temple. How do I get in and has anyone done this quest? and what spell will I get for it. I hope its a good spell cause this quest is very long just for a spell.