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Plague Oni

Jul 24, 2010
It seems every realm I have to face a dungeon that hates me, in MB it was katzenstein's lab, and now in Moo Shu it's Shirataki Temple. I did everything it asked me to do from the beginning, visiting the shrines, and defeating Wavebringer and his henchmen, even though I died during that battle xD and had to go back to the dungeon because my friend had logged out. Now when it's time to defeat the big boss, it won't let me!

The temple-looking home of the plague oni fades into shadow, right? I walk into that, expecting to be moved into the room with the boss, but nothing happens. I've been checking my quest book, looking around the dungeon in case I forgot something, but it seems as though it won't let me fight him. :?

Can someone please help me with this problem? I have a bad feeling that I'll have to do it over again...

Natalie Silverleaf, Level 37 Magus Theurgist

Aug 23, 2009
Sadly it sounds like you may have to redo it. Keep in mind posts to Message Boards take time-"24-48 hours"-to be visible due to Moderation standards of KI so asking for quick help here is not a wise plan.