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Plague and Death Oni

May 24, 2009
These bosses are annoying because i defeat quest bosses, then the Oni will come on out and i have to defeat them too. For example, I have a quest in which I have to defeat Kagemoosha. I defeat him, hard as it is, then it says,
' As Kagemoosha falls, a shadow comes from his still form. It is the Death Oni!' Then I have to defeat him, and hes even harder! same for plague oni.
I already finished this, but fix it plz.
Thanks, Zachary ThunderStone
Level 23 Pyromancer

Aug 30, 2009
This is not a glitch.

If you removed Ideyoshi and Kagemoosha from there respective dungeons, it's wouldn't be a challenge.

And you're level 23 in Mooshu?

Mar 27, 2010
I just defeated Plague Oni today and there was no problem at all. Since I am pyromancer, his first form is really easy for me. I singled him out. It was me vs. a boss and his minion. His second form was the REAL Oni. He wasnt that hard either. So I dont Know why some people are here to complain.KI, I love the game so far :-D :-D :-D

lvl 41 pyromancer Just lvled up 2 lvls
HunterWild Horn lvl 41 and MathewBoom Hamer lvl 60

Mar 27, 2010
Plague and Death Oni arent realy as hard as you think it is. the only reason it is hard for you is because you are lvl 23 in MooShu.

lvl 41 pyromancer
Hunter Wild Horn