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Pharming Oakheart

Jan 02, 2010
its me and a friend pharming oakheart heres the list of the common and rare things we got
Anthony Deathspear:Ruby blade of the forest (rare) tunic of the soul searching ( common)

Wolf blade: Forests spirit cloak( rare i got the same thing ) tunic of the soul searching ( common)

My question is how can i get the death hat he drops, i know its luck but come on i did this25 times yesterday and working on 5 today

May 31, 2009
LOL. Dude i have gotten the death hat a billion times. I get tired of the drop! It only sells for 1,000 thousand gold. A little less than what i want.

----- Hunter LegendBlade Lvl 48 Master of Death

Feb 14, 2009
first off it's FARMING not pharming(no such thing) secondly, go to wizard101central.com their forums, mooshu section, boss drops then hit control and F at the same time, type in oakheart, and it will take you to him, and tell you all of his rare drops