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Oakheart Quest?

Sep 26, 2008
How do you open the Oakheart quest? I want to beat him for a tree pet but he has no "!" over his head to interact.

Oct 13, 2008
first you have to do all the mossback quests in order, first cave of solitude, then kishibe village, then shirataki temple. after shirataki temple you get the purifier badge. then visit mossback in ancient burial grounds then visit wavebringer in the village of sorrow. you fight oakheart
in the village of sorrow. then visit oakheart (purified version) in the tree
of life and he gives you a quest to fight spiders and plant fertile soil.
then visit him in the garden dojo. mossback, wavebringer and oakheart
are all in there and they give you 2850 xp, a ring, and a robe.

hope i was helpful

justin skullwraith lvl 43 master sorcrer