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oakheart problem

Jan 09, 2009
May 19, 2009
This is a guide about the Oakheart side quest in MooShu. You have to complete this in a certain order for it to work; it's like the main quest line.

First you need to complete Mossback's quests in order.

Cave of Solitude
Collect 6 rocks from Corrupted Earth Spirit

Kishibe Village
Defeat 10 Diseased Water Elementals

Shirataki Temple(Shoshun Village)
Defeat and talk to Great River Spirit

Ancient Burial Grounds
Collect 10 Corrupted Earth(Can only be found outside the houses in the Burial Grounds);
Defeat Crazed Forest Spirit

After you do those quests for Mossback, go to the Village of Sorrow and talk to Wavebringer.

Village of Sorrow
Collect 10 Tainted Bark from Befouled Woodwalker;
Defeat and talk to Oakheart. Go back to Wavebringer

After that, you can go to the Tree of Life instance and do Oakheart's quests.

The Tree of Life
Collect 3 Pure Seeds from Kogani Death Crawlers
Plant 3 Fertile Dirt

Go back to the Jade Palace and go into the dojo closest to the entrance to Shoshun Village and talk to Oakheart.

courtesy of wizard101 central

Oct 17, 2008
cgieg32 wrote:
i've done all my side qwest still can't get in to see him

Just because you've done all the side quests you HAVE doesn't mean you had the right one. Have you done the ones from Mossback?

Jun 06, 2009
keira frostweaver Life , lev 47 and half -
i have sent a message to support, i cannot get oakheart to talk at all, as far as i can tell from the list , i have talked to all the mossbacks,and wavebringer tells me he is pure, etc
i have tried so many times i am discouraged. NO WHERE is it mentioned that the mossback quests MUST be done in a certain order. With so many quests it is easy to 'go out of order'. You find out afterwards when you cannot get the Oakheart to talk and give quests or you are Life and find out at level 48.
Evidently many have had this problem, especially Life wizards , our last spell depends on it. There is a message telling you how to contact support.

It looks like i may not be able to get my last spell when i hit level 48, which will be very soon. Unless Support helps, i'll just have to do with out it.