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No quests showing up in mooshu...?

Jul 26, 2009
Hey there wizards,

So I was in mooshu the other day, and after I finished a quest(cant quite remember the name) I looked around, and there were no more quest. They just stoped.
Now I know I'm not even close to finishing mooshu, so it worried me. I have a sub, so I looked in all the mooshu areas and nothing. I thought I might need to get to lvl 40, so I did. Nothing. Oh, and to add, some of the little blue count down things wont light up. I can get in fine, but they arent blue.
Can someone please help me? Ive spent too much time and money for this to start happening. (And I know its not my computer because a friend of mine went on their account and had the quest and everything that didnt show up on mine.)
Please respond I could really use the help. :(

May 20, 2010
This usually happens when you're given a task to do and decline it.

You're going to need to go over the entire area you were just in and look for somebody who needs something. If nobody does, then you might want to head to the next area you're supposed to go to and check there.