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no quests

Aug 25, 2009
I cannot get any new quests in Kishibe Village. I have done mossback and the others in the center area. I went through the whole thing and cannot find any others and the doors to all the shrines do not light up. Have I missed something? The only other quest I have is in the ancient burial grounds, but I cannot find that area anywhere. Quest Helper just keeps taking me to the teleporters and I am going in circles. I know there is more somewhere because I did not get the book, nor have I fought any bosses. Just those dreadful diseased water elementals.
I have been back throught the cave of solitutude to see if I missed something in there, but cannot find anything.
A grandmaster friend helped me earlier in the cave of solitude, so that I could get the triton spell. I wonder if, by doing that, I have missed an important quest.

Nov 07, 2009

I can't help much and I'm sorry about that but I think that there might not be anymore quests in Kisibe Village. I can't remember exactly what quests I did/am doing there. The one I am currently doing is one with shrines. I don't know quite how I got it; sorry about that.

I'm sorry I couldn't help much but if I find anything out then I'll tell you.

Could you explain the thing about the spell you got in the cave of solitude? I don't know how to get that. Could you tell me?


Amber LegendBlade
Level 41
Master Pyromancer

P.S. If you're above level 30 then maybe you could make friends with me.

Aug 25, 2009
I finally figured it out by going back through Hametsu Village and picking up a string there. I am now working my way through Kishibe Village and think I am ready to go to Shirataki Temple.
The spell was a storm school thing. It was to get the triton. So, I guess I cheated and got it, but still had to do the cave of solitude all over again..
Maybe I will see you out there and thanks for your response.

Grace Raincrafter
Level 42 Diviner