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Ninja pig pet?

Jul 30, 2010
I got a ride from a friend into mooshu. Still stuck on big ben ugh. and i saw those ninja pigs and they were so funny. I laughed so loud. Is there a possible way to get them as a pet because i really want one.

Jun 16, 2009
I think you can buy it out of the pet shop in mooshu. There's another way to get a ninja pet pig. In Mooshu, go to the Crimson fields dungeon, when you enter the battlefield area where Bricktop is located at raise all of the flags, it would be a total of 4. Do all the quests until you get the quest for to clear the battlefield where you have to defeat 10 enemies, a secret boss will appear as soon as you get the quest. The boss name is Yakedo he is fire with 5,000 health and he drops the Death Ninja Pig Pet. I've been trying to get it but no luck yet so hopefully you get a chance to get it.

Oct 31, 2009
You can buy the ninja pig pet in mooshu's pet shop for 5,050 gold. It has 150 strength, 100 intellect, 150 agility, 125 will, 75 power, and the hatch time is 5 minutes. It is not dropped from a boss anywhere, it can only be bought from mooshu's pet shop. :-)

Mar 12, 2010
If you have access to getting a gift card, this month one of them offers the Defender Pig. See current list at Wizard 101 Store (tab at left side of page) under gifts.

Jul 30, 2010
I just finished big ben yesterday and i'm gonna start mooshu. I have enough gold to buy it i think :D .

Jul 26, 2009
some $20 wizard101 game cards give you a ninja pig, and you can also buy one from the mooshu pet shop. :D

Apr 18, 2010
Yes!!!!!!!! You can get them as a pet!!!!!!!!!!! Look in the accessory shop in the Jade Palace.