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New quests?? ive run out

Jul 06, 2009
HI All fellow wizards, ive been playing for quite awhile and are now level 50 grandmaster, seems rather odd to me that ive also seemed to run out of quests, Wont let me into moosho house for last obsidian chest, the forum has come to a standstill as has every other sector of the game, did i miss something? has anyone else encountered this problem who is up there in the ranks?? Thanks

To reach the obsidian chest, you need to have completed these side quests:

Cave of Solitude
1. I’m Cursed (from Mossback)
2. Rock On (from Mossback)

Kishibe Village
1. Wear Your Gloves (from Mossback)

Shirataki Temple
1. I’m Cured! (from Mossback)

Ancient Burial Grounds
1. Distressed Earth (from Mossback)
2. Forest Foray (from Mossback)

Check back with Mossback to make sure you completed everything that was asked of you. He may be waiting to give you a quest.

May 12, 2009
i think you should have chimera attack for myth and a pegasus for life. pegasus should heal and attack, and chimera should attack and stun. Both should do it to all enemy's.

Jun 14, 2009
yea i have the same problem, i just finished the tree of life and i have absolutely NO main quests, i dont know what to do plz help me