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Need help farming koto

Aug 06, 2009
Hi! I am new to this forum and i created this account to ask for help to farm koto for the ninja pigs spell. Any help is appreciated :)

Mar 13, 2014
Sadly, organizing meetups for questing help doesn't work very well on this board. The mandatory moderation means there is typically a twelve hour wait between posts, which means by the time you can find someone to help you you have probably found some other way to get past the obstacle. I recommend using the forums at the W101central fansite to organize meetups. Try this subforum:


Note, while a very valuable resource, the w101 central site is not moderated. Players under the age of 16 or so should seek the advice of their parents before going there. You will need to set up an account to use the forums, but they don't ask for a credit card number. I am not certain, its been a while since I signed up, but I think they do require an email address.