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Need Help ! Bug in Village of Sorrow

Sep 23, 2008
I got quest name Spiritual Awakening.
My quest is just go and talk to sheep anme Ken Shui.
But i dont know what wrong because i cant talk to him.
And then my quest just gone. Yes its gone.
I just wanna finish Mooshu But how can I if I cant do my quest.
Can anyone help me?
Or anybody have same problem with me?

Did you defeat the Sorrow Whisperer and collect the Spectral Key?

Once you do this, Ken Shi will tell you to go inside and speak with town elder, which spawns Usunoki. Once you defeat him, Ting Yin will want to speak with you, then talk to Ken Shi.

Sep 23, 2008
Thanks for reply professor Greyrose,
Yes I do collect the Spectral Key, and then Ken Shi told me to go inside
Town Dojo then I defeat Usunoki and talk to elder name Ting Yin,
then i go to talk to Ken Shi but he keep saying word that I have to go to
Town Dojo and talk to elder so I decided to defeat Usunoki again and
come out to talk to him again but it didnt work.
The quest on his head still in gray so I come to post here and
wait for help.
That quest still in my quest book but they have only quest name and the
picture and details were gone.
That character I have problem with is name Olivia Red. She is fire school
and have balance for second school. Her level is 43 now.
I dont know what to do so please check because I dont want to just delete that must make me so up set :-(
Thanks for help.

Ah this sounds more like Mr Lincoln's expertise is needed! If you haven't already, please log into the website, click Help -> Support -> Ask a question and put your details in there. It does sound like you have a bugged quest there. Mr Lincoln can look into it and find a solution.
I'll make sure he sees this message too just in case.

Thank you for your feedback, we always need people to let us know when something like this happens so we can keep it from happening to others.

Jul 15, 2008
If you have spoken to Ting Yin in the dojo then it gives you a next quest to talk to Ting Yin but you have to talk to him where he normally is :)

If thats not it then it must be glitched

That confused me for ages :D I even told all my friends it was broken :P

Sep 23, 2008
Dear Professor Greyrose,
I waiting for this bug fix but I just wonder when?
Can you told me that how long it take to fix ?
I just feel like forver here.
Please let me know if you know it.

Sep 23, 2008
Dear Professor Greyrose,
Finally my quest bug are fix now.
I wanna say Thank You to you and everyone at KingsIsle.
Especially Mr. Lincoln who respon my problem.
You all really make good job and I am really appreciate it.
Thank You!