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My Least Favorite World

May 26, 2010
Sep 08, 2010
my favourite world is mooshu because it's so bright and my least favourite is marleybone because it's to dark.

Dec 04, 2009
the only reason i like mooshu is because of the designed cloths that everyone started farming (e.g ice shoes from oakheart)
and i always go there when i am bored just to farm with friends...just keeps wizards busy i suppose :D but i do think mooshu was long or was i too lazy

Kiley Rainbowflower
Legendary Thaumaturge (now you know why it took long because ice is quite weak in attacks but awesome in defends) :)

Jun 27, 2010
zz00 wrote:
This is a list of my favorite world from greates to least

Marleybone-second favorite
Krokotopia-not that much
wizard city-shudder

why is mooshu your favorite the theme is boring because it is all the same. when i was in marleybone i thought it would be the best world but the only good part is the Oni 's. the rest is boring and it isn't very hard. I beat in three days. i hope dragonsphre is harder.(but still in mooshu almost done). I am Isiaha Ironthief. level 37 mastermind.

Dec 08, 2010
i will make my order of worldszs from leaszt to greatest. (sorry about the s, for some reason the z key isz puszhed down with it, ignore the z's)






wizsard city

Celestia is best! but i like mo shu as well.

Jun 14, 2009
Ugh... I hated MarleyBone so much (no offense W101 Creators), but it was dark and depressing and I hated the dungeons and bosses.

Nov 22, 2010
Mooshu, while being visually and storyline entertaining, felt like a pure dungeon crawl to me. I had to FORCE myself through it. A lot of the quests are very similar and repetitive and I don't recall any outstanding XP from the world at all.

Least favourite, quite frankly, is Celestia. Due to my timezone, I have to solo a lot and Celestia is not really a solo world.

Mar 17, 2011
Mooshu. Eh, Nice I liked the Jade Oni's I agree on those they were pretty sweet. :D So, I have to say though, Mooshu isn't my favorite. It's just better than Krokotopia any day.

Jun 17, 2009
diablo1008 wrote:
I only love this world because of all the high XP you get!

Same here. How can you hate MS? MB was just awful! there were no side walks!!!!!!!!!

Feb 05, 2010
zoromon42 wrote:
world go like this
good-good-depressingly hard-good-depressing

i like to think of MS as a nice little bit of a place to breath between (IMO) the worst worlds in the game. plus it is fast and gives good experience. it's like the middle part of an oreo!

P.S. i know you cant see it but i found over 10 typing errors when i looked over my post, what is wrong with me today?

There, that fixed it xD.javascript:emoticon(':)');

Dec 16, 2010
I hate Moo Shu because it's not Marleybone. I hated Krokotopia because I wasn't in Marleybone yet. Why does everyone hate Marleybone?!?
P.S. No offense, but I hate Moo Shu not just because of Marleybone.

Apr 30, 2010
I love Wintertusk and I still think that Celestia is my least favorite.

Feb 02, 2011
Ok MS is my favorite of all (not because i am life :D ) but because its bright after MB and you get a lot of XP.
My next house will be a MS house (is MB right now :P )

May 09, 2011
I honestly LOVE MooShu! It's not a really an 'emergency wizard help' world, and besides... I love the nature and all the clam waters.... The enemies aren't too hard if you are the correct level (AT LEAST Level 30-35 starting) And, the sidewalks are big and easy, I always loved the ninja pigs, I don't really get mad at them in battle for trying to defeat me... Hehe! It's not a depressed world, and they have a low number of dungeons, it's one of the best worlds. A little bit of nature before you start one of the main worlds... DRAGONSPYRE, which is where you battle Malistaire. MooShu totally rocks! :)

Aug 27, 2009
FlipFredFredBurger wrote:
2700masters wrote:
IamLezul wrote:
accioliv88 wrote:
MooShu is my favorite world!

I am I big Asian fan, and so this is the world I have been waiting for ever since I got to MB!

Hannah Dragonsword, level 39 fire

Me 2! I love learning about Asian culture, it interests me! So much, that I'm planning to learn Japanese (language and writing!) soon 8)


no offense but mooshu is chinese. also have you noticed that japan is full of citys.
So what doesnt china has factorys. Mooshu doesnt have factorys.

Mooshu is definitly japanese. Haven't you noticed the arcitecture style? But it is definitly more old japan rather than modern japan. Modern japan does have WAY more cities.

~Dakota Ravenmask Lvl 33 Balance~

Sep 23, 2008
Mooshu is my favourite world! And I kind of agree with many people in saying that I really didn't like Marleybone. I would've enjoyed it a whole lot more if it weren't for those annoying rooftops! I loved the theme of Marleybone, though (early 1900s London).

Mooshu was absolutely beautiful! The breathtaking flora, the wonderful architecture, and the music did it all for me!

My favourite worlds (in order) below:

1. Mooshu
2. Krokotopia
3. Dragonspyre
4. Wizard City
5. Celestia
6. Marleybone
7. Grizzleheim
(I haven't gotten to Wintertusk yet, but it seems much like Grizzleheim...)

Kyle Shadowstaff
Grandmaster Necromancer
Kyle Sandstaff
Magus Sorcerer

May 07, 2011
i dont like mooshu to. i prefer marleybone. i dont think it is dark! i think it is cool. - wolf ironeyes level 30 balance wizard (in mooshu)

Jun 16, 2009
diablo1008 wrote:
I only love this world because of all the high XP you get!

LOL! Yes I agree! :3 :P :D :D :-) :)

May 29, 2010
ok honestly i hate mooshu and ill tell you why. ahem well first of all the main thing i hate about it is that its to much work and you have to go back a worth and marking is a waist of mana. second of all its just so hard and confusing like i cant get my mind straight. and last what the heck is up with the jade oni i'm sorry but i hate mooshu. :( its the truth :P

Feb 15, 2009
Marleybone is your favorite world?!?!

Ok, the reason don't like MB is because it starts out with a side quest of going all the way back to Krokotopia where you just came from and talking to people you've already talked to a million times then you go on and you do side quests for 'proper' ladies who have dropped their purses or umbrellas or ripped their coats or need to get ready for the policeman's ball and these people are constantly making mistakes (like when you send the invatations to the wrong ladies and they each end up being end at the guard).Then you go on to get the Kensington Park quest which I am sure everyone has heard lovely stories about. Then you go on to the prison where they let a dangerous prisoner escape and by the way you are supposed to defeat him in Big Ben while you free everyone else from prison which is the reason you are there in the first place. Then Knight's Court takes FOREVER. You don't get a lot of XP for all the effort you put in these quests.

Personally, MooShu is my favorite world. It's peaceful, short, you get a TON of XP, and no more clockworks or running around with ripped scarves or invitations to the ball or prison charges or.........

Dec 09, 2010
accioliv88 wrote:
MooShu is my favorite world!

I am I big Asian fan, and so this is the world I have been waiting for ever since I got to MB!

MB was so dark, gloomy, and like, PRISONER! WE NEED A WIZARD! Plus, MB is more of a British world.

MS was more of a happy world, where the people are calm and consitorate.

Hannah Dragonsword, level 39 fire

Even though I am from Britain, Marleybone is nothing like Britain in real life. This takes more of the old fashoned steryotype of Britain. But it is compared too being old fashoned so I dont really care.

Jul 18, 2011
mmm i am hearing a lot of "Dark Marleybone" and people HATING MB. i hate it to but what can i say, the Big Ben tower is fun if you like a challenge especially if your a low lvl so anyways, i hated MB because i was dieing so much in Big Ben and i am not much of a soloist! i am spoiled, because my higher lvl friends ALWAYS help me with a dungeon/boss. it is annoying when i have to solo things, but when i do it seems shorter :) Mooshu gives you time to relax before the Malistaire battle.... not to mention the DS world :p i saw you should slack off in Mooshu so you can enjoy it before... you know ^ what it says up there :) i prob get a oost in MS becaue i a death right? oh well :p
Destiny Deathblood
Lvl 34 (just turned) Death
"With a little temwork, victory is assured" (lol get it when i said Teamwork? agin i spoiled with soloing xD)

Dec 16, 2009
my least favorite because of it's weird looking clothes and because it is so easy

May 21, 2011
I don't like Marleybone, And not to criticize KI's great job on the game, but it was way hard! Also, it wasn't fun to have to walk on the edge of rooftops because of the lack of sidewalks, and I got stuck on the ramps! Big Ben was super hard. I did however like the fancy clothes, and the theme was cool.
Sydney Mistcatcher
Level 53 Fire

Feb 28, 2009
I don't really know why you say that Mooshu is your least fave world. I personally love Mooshu! It's so bright and colorful and a good break from the gloomy world of MB. Although I did enjoy MB, I admit that I did get tired of being dragged into battles. But that's not why I'm posting. MY EYES CRAVE LIGHT :D GO MOOSHU

-- Sabrina Goldendust
Lvl 38 Conjurer