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mossback will not give quests no obsidian

Apr 26, 2009
WEll i finished mossbacks quest in the ancient burial grounds and cave of solitude before ds, i went back to get the obsidian chests but mossback quests are not available to allow me axcess to the dojo i need to get into, i went back and did his quests in shoshun village but i stil cant get in please help

(I am sure i also completed his quests in shiritaki temple)

Dustin Mooncrafter/ username Nipe78

May 20, 2010
Here they are. the one most often missed is in the Village of Sorrow. Check your map.

1. Cave of Solitude

1a. I’m Cursed (From MossBack)

1b. Rock On (From MossBack)

2. Kishibe Village

2a. Wear Your Gloves (From MossBack)

3. Shirataki Temple

3a. I’m Cured (From MossBack)

4. Ancient Burial Grounds

4a. Distressed Earth (From MossBack)

4b. Forest Foray (From MossBack)

5. Village of Sorrow

5a. Tainted Forest (From WaveBringer)

5b. Forest Spirit (From WaveBringer)

6. Tree of Life

6a. The Great Forest (From OakHeart)

6b. Ever-Lasting Forest (From OakHeart)

Apr 30, 2010
The same exact thing happened to me but the only way i could find to fix it was to get one of my grand friends to help me. :)

Aaron FireStone lvl 49 Pyromancer
Give a man a match and he will be warm for a moment set him alight and he will be warm for the rest of his life

May 20, 2010
I haven't seen this topic in about four days.

There are several threads that deal with this. Here is one.


The sub-quest most most missed is in the Tree of Life.