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Mooshu Question

Nov 26, 2008
Hello. I am wondering how people get training points if they reached to an instance level such as level 50, (Grandmaster) How do you get Training Points if you finished all the quest in Wizard City, Krokotopia, Krokosphinx, Marleybone, and Mooshu. Do you have to wait until Dragonspyre comes out? I know mostly you get training points from Professor Zeke, but I did all of his 4 quest. What should I do to earn training points? I am Level 43 and I mastered storm (my class is storm) and I want to buy the Helephant in fire school, can you tell me what to do.? Do you get training points for certain Levels and different tasks? I thought you only get training points from Zeke?

Jul 12, 2008
Taken directly from the Players Guide:

Players Guide wrote:
At levels 4, 8, 16, 20 and every 5 levels after that until 50, as well as from certain quests, you will receive training points. These training points can be used to learn spells from outside your school of focus.