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Mooshu, My Favorite!!!!

May 23, 2009
I know i complained about MB, but I LOVE MS.

Exibit A: The Pigs, they are just soooooo cute in thier ninja suits.
Exibit B: The Undead, way better than the others (except DS)
Exibit C: The Onis, are like awesome
Exibit D: The Story Line is amazing, emotional, and Chinese (complement).

So all & all, Mooshu is my favorite place in Wizard 101 so far.

- Justin SandFlame lvl 46 Thaumaturge
- "With persistance, victory is assured"

Dec 16, 2011
I agree. I really disliked MB until I got to the royal museum, (Counterparts were easy, and Big Ben was a breeze,) and Mooshu is much easier.
There is sidewalks again, alot more cheery, and cool equipment. The only dislikes I have about it is that it's too bright. I can only play it for like two hours at a time.
I was also kinda a low level when I got there. I got too Mooshu a bit early. But otherwise, I like it!

-William Rider, lvl. 37 Conjuerer
"To control the future, one must look into the past"