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Mooshu & Moohdism

Jul 11, 2012
Hi everyone! I would like to explain one of the key facts of Mooshu. I have a friend of mine, and he asked "Is the Mooda based off of sombody in real life"? Well the anwser to that question is YES! The Mooda is based off of a real man named the Buddha. The story of the Buddha is quite a story! It all started out a long time ago in a country called Nepal. It is located in Southern Asia, right above the coutry of India. Once there was young man that we know as the Buddha, only his name wasn't the Buddha, it was Siddhartha Gautima. Siddhartha lived most of his childhood in his his family's castle, where he was the son of a wealthy king. Siddhartha always got whatever he wanted. But the only down-side was that in Nepal, children of royalty were not allowed to leave the castle until they were 18. Finally, after a few years, Siddhartha was finally old enough to leave the castle. He was so excited to finally see what life outside of the castle was like. But right when Siddhartha went out through the castle gates, he was in for a big surprise. When he got out, he saw that everybody did not live the good life that he did. He saw children crying, men starving, and many other sad things. When Siddhartha got back home, he got an idea! He had a plan to find out why people suffer. So what he did was sit under a fig tree and meditate. He didn't move, AT ALL (even to got to the bathroom)! How he ate was by eating ONLY the figs that fell from the tree. Days passed, when finally, Siddhartha figured it out. He said that our worldly desires and possesions are the cause of suffering. Then Siddhartha found his calling: to spread the word about his discovery. He traveled all across Asia and recieved many followers. His followers began to give Siddhartha a nick-name: the Buddha, which means the "Enlightened One". The Buddha is still famous today. You can find people following his teachings all across Asia. From Nepal, China, even Japan, the Buddha's teachings can be seen influencing the culture everywhere. And that is the story of the Buddha, and it may be the same story for the Mooda (except with him being a bull with roving bands of ninja pigs ; ) Please leave a comment! P.S: Professor Moolinda Wu, if you find this accurate, please leave a comment, thanks!
-Jacob Rainbringer