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MooShu Library?

Nov 26, 2008
Right of jade palace there is a area with a rock/sand bed. In that area there is a building with book signs but the lights are off. I am pretty sure this is ment to be a library but i could never get in. Is the a side quests that gets you in? ( as much as i know i beat all mooshu quests, but i am currently looking if i missed any cause mooshu gives best xp by far )

- Benjamin Iceshard lvl 49 Ice ( so close but yet so far )

Feb 18, 2009
I was wondering the same thing. I saw this building but it does not let you in. I have finished most of Mooshu myself and have yet to get a quest to let you in.

It really bites that you have to go all the way to Krok or Wizard City to get to a Library to get your treasure cards you need.

Hunter SilverHeart