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MooShu housing....

Feb 18, 2009
Good afternoon Professors,
Since I don't see a message about the MooShu housing just yet, I thought I would start one. I started with my first house being the MooShu small home. It's not because I'm cheap, I just wasn't fond of any of the other houses. I tested them all in the Test Realm so I know what the rest look like.

My problem with this MooShu small house is that on the ground above the drop down cave, I can put only one item on the top eventhough I can walk everywhere up there. I chose to put a big Orange Maple Leaf Looking tree up there and it looks nice but off to the left of it is a slope and a pretty good size flat spot. Nothing I put in the flat spot will go, no rocks, food stands, Emperor Flags.....NOTHING. Can we fix this please?

Also, have any of you tried to put a "Smith Door" in the house anywhere yet? There's only three spots in the WHOLE house you can actually put this small cute door. and it's in places you can't see. Take one of these small doors up to the bedroom and watch how the baseboards overlap the door to where you can only see the top arch of the door.

Please fix these two small requests for me PLEASE,

Hunter SilverHeart