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moo shu iis easy... so far

Mar 28, 2009
hey i haave a question, will moo shu get harder, cause i am zooming through it so far and i like to take my time.

Dec 14, 2008
Mooshu is not hard it is a fun world :D in fact it is quite easy but the plaugue oni instance can take a while... but until they change the boss encounters the Jade oni is impossible to Mooshu people so you will probably need some other peopel of high level to help until they cahnge the boss encounters :( jade oni will us bigger heals without enough opips cast several times and the war,death,and plaugue oni stroll in to help him and they have the same life they normally have

Dec 07, 2008
Mooshu was the easiest world for me and probably the most rewarding. Only very few quests there are difficult so it's not going to get much harder except on the Jade Oni quest. Make sure you have friends with you for that one. Good Luck!
~Destiny GoldBlood
Level 43