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locating the ruined bridge

Jun 15, 2009
HI. I have been playing the Mooshu storyline for the past few days and I think I have ran into a bug of some sort. I finished Village of Sorrows and went to talk to Hideo Kebo. He told me to find the bridge and cross it. I was questing with a friend and left to go to the commons to play the minigames to fill up on potion. When I ported back to my friend, he had already crossed the bridge to the Tree of Life. I finished the dungeon with him and then fought the Jade Oni.

This is where the problem is...I still have the quest to locate the ruined bridge but I just keep crossing it without completing the goal. I cannot leave Mooshu either. I go to the Spiral Chamber and Dragonspyre is not an option.

Did I mess up by not crossing the bridge myself? How can I fix this? If any player or administrator can help, that would be awesome! Any help (asap preferably) would be greatly appreciated.