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Level 48 life spell???

May 07, 2009
I find if very difficult to be able to talk to Oak Heart in Mooshu to complete my quest for my level 48 life spell. I have been able to talk to the other trees but I am unable to find Oak Heart. There is a building my quest finder leads me to and the map shows that he should be there but I am unable to get in. I have seen other post on here and other places online that other players have also had the same problem. Why make it so difficult and troubling for players. I have been trying to figure this out for an hour and read blogs online. They all say the same thing, you need to finish side quest in mooshu. Well I don't any quest left there and have done them all! This is just really frustrating to me for a game I really enjoy playing and now I will never receive my last spell or my school pet! I just don't understand why it's set up like this! If anyone has any way to help me please let me know. I know the order of the quest i need to do because I was able to find them online, but still I went to all the places I need to go for the quest and still no one with a quest marker on. Makes no sense why they would make it hard for players to get their last spell.