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Level 40 clothes

Sep 25, 2008
Ok, I'm now Master Pyromancer. Where do I get level 40 clothes? I saw Dragonspyre drops Level 45 clothes. For now I only have robe, where do I get hat and boots. Do Dragonspyre sell Level 40 clothes in their shop for gold or is that more for the level 45 + people?

Regards Mary Windstrider, in Mooshu

P.S. So excited about new world :-D

I love wolves~~

Mar 15, 2009
Lvl 40 clothes are rare boss drops. For the complete list of boss drop items for Moo Shu go to http://www.wizard101central.com , find the serach tab at the top, click on that, then type in "moo shu boss guide" and it will give you the list of very boss drop from every boss in Moo Shu. Hope i helped!!

Sep 25, 2008
nvm, but thanks for replying. Soon there will be a bazaar so hopefully they might sell clothes there. I'm past level 40 now but my future wizards can use the bazaar.

Bazaar is on the test realm now but when it goes live there will be announcement.