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Koto drop rates

Aug 25, 2017
Is It normal to have done 150 koto runs and not get ninja pigs? because I can't craft it I don't have enough money and the crafting materials and not even aware of were the materials are. so if this many runs is normal because I only started playing this game about a month ago and this is my first time farming in general for this game so. I was just wondering if it was normal for that many runs

Jan 18, 2010
Spells are possibly the hardest things to get in the game. It used to be crowns only pets and mounts, but now, with the introduction of learning new spells through means like this, it's no doubt that this takes the cake in terms of difficulty in getting.

Since this post is a little late, I'd imagine that you'd have gotten it by now. But just to let you know, yeah, it's pretty normal. Keep in mind that luck ties in to it as well!