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Jade oni misterey :(

May 17, 2011
OK when me and my buddy enterd the jade oni"s palice he was gone copletley missing. even when we tried EVREYTHING he never ever came i have to defeat him and if i dont me will NEVER get to dragonspire My name is cassandra rainbow song my pal"s name is gabrel legend dreamer Please help thanks!

Mar 22, 2011
Dear Cassandra, and all other fellow wizards facing the same problem,
There is a small obelisk when you walk about 25 paces straight (right after entering through the door to the temple). When you walk up to it, it says, "Press X to interact." After pressing X, a voice announces, and a scroll reads, "You summon the Jade Oni!" After walking fully up the ramp, you are led to a flat stone surface, where the Jade oni appears. But, if niether you nor your friend have the quest that leads you to defeat jade oni, you will be unable to summon him.
I hope that I was of assistance!
Replies are invalueable!
~Amber Rubyheart

Aug 10, 2011
Do you have the Jade Oni Quest or had it? If you never had the Quest, you will not be able to Summon the Jade Oni.

If you do have the Quest, try going inside and out. If the Jade Oni still isn't here, Log Out and in and go back inside. If the Jade Oni isn't there, Log Out for a longer time and come back and go inside and see if it works. If the Jade Oni STILL isn't there, support@wizard101.com

Nov 18, 2011
lol i love the name of this topic are u sure u was supposed to talk to someone ??