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I'm stuck!

Dec 24, 2009
Between the quests "The Great Mooda" and " An Ailing Emperor" im stuck and I have nothing to do besisdes side quests. I have looked on websites seeing which quest is next. I've already finished the beginning tests to see if you can go inside the Emperor's Throne Room, but when I go to talk to Tan Keng he has nothing for me! Someone plz help!

May 20, 2010
Go back to the Jade Champion and see if he has anything for you to do. If so, you should then be able to talk to Ten Keng.

If Ten Keng still doesn't have anything for you to do, then your game-file might be corrupted. If so, you'll need to send in a ticket to Support, explaining your problem in detail.

Aug 27, 2009
this same thing is happening to one of my wizards. I can get in to where the jade warrior and the emperor are but no one in there has anything to say. all my mb quests are done and i can find no one in mooshu that has any quests for me.