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if high enough level how do i get to mooshu?

May 07, 2009
I just recieved level 38 and my tutor told me to go talk to the portal manager of mooshu, and it is not letting me go through the portal to mooshu,remember i am a memeber.whats the trick? do i have to finish marleybone completely?

Much like reading a chapter book, Wizard101 is sequential game play (before you move to level 2 you must complete level 1).  Even if you have purchased a Membership you must first complete all of the quests in one world to be able to move on to the next. 

The same thing goes for Access to some of the streets or areas within a world.  For instance, when you've successfully completed the quests for Marleybone you will be given a quest to enter into the next world, Mooshu. 
Just as you had to complete Wizard City before you progressed to Krokotopia, and you had to complete all your assignments in Krokotopia before you progressed to Marleybone.

Once you have earned your own access there by completing the story line quests, as long as you have a Membership or have purchased the Premium area with Crowns, you will be able to enter that world freely. 

May 20, 2010
You'll need to do all of the quests in Marleybone, up to and including defeating Meowiarty, before you'll get access to Mooshu.