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How long should it take to finish MS?

Jul 23, 2012
Level 48 Ice wiz here. I finished mooshu in 3 days. How long did it take you?
~Taylor Swift~

Apr 21, 2011
Feb 17, 2012
Jul 16, 2012
It took me about 3 weeks because some of the bosses were hard

Jul 28, 2011
I have a friend who did it in one day. Yup, one day. She got there in the morning, and finished by night. No joke. . The real joke was, she was a fairly high level for MS but barely gained any levels there, so she was perfect for DS

Me???? I forget XD maybe about 2 weeks ( A guess )

-Angela DragonStone
The wizard that rokz

Jul 28, 2009
mooshu and any world for that matter, should take as long as it needs to take for you. there is no set average completion rate and. you should not worry if friends are going faster then you or if you are going faster then friends, just do your best and play at your own pace. there is much to learn the further you go the better you will get and understand the strategies to progress quickly in the spiral.

Oct 23, 2011
I took a long break from the game when I was in MooShu, and then I did GH and WT. So about 3-4 months lol.

Jul 30, 2012
The in-game time to complete the main quest of a world and gain access to the next world significantly depends on several factors:

1. First-time Wizard:
If its your first time then you are going through learning curves regarding all aspects of the game. Your are probably paying more attention to the story, getting familiar with the maps, reading all the stuff, etc.

If its not your first wizard, then you already know your way around and what to expect. You have a greater understanding of game mechanics. You can shared-bank pets and gear so you wizard is geared-up to the max. Access to unlimited wealth makes getting stuff in general much faster and easier.

2. Enjoying RPG Experience vs Race to Complete:
Many enjoy the RPG nature of the game. Side quests, helping others, gardening, pet training, PvP, mini games, etc. Others percieve worlds challenges to be completed asap - faster the better. Skipping side quests and any other activities and focusing only on getting through the world.

3. Solo vs Team Play
If you team play with a regular buddy and progress together you can really fire through quests and dungeons fast. Especially if you play cooperatively and smart.

Obviously if you cruise through a world with a vastly overpowered buddy you will fly through at remarkable speed.

4. Crown Shop Assist
Progressing can be made much faster by purchasing superior gear and henchmen from the crown shop. Also Mega snacks and elixirs for training a better pet fast. Elixirs are also available for improving your wizard for a period of time.

5. Power Leveling
Power leveling can advance your wizard several levels quickly so you can equip better gear and spells. A couple wizard levels can turn a tough dungeon into easy-peasy. (I don't agree with power leveling, but the ability exists).

Feb 19, 2010
Taylor Swift on Jan 11, 2013 wrote:
Level 48 Ice wiz here. I finished mooshu in 3 days. How long did it take you?
~Taylor Swift~
If i have extra time on some days and i was able to play through it probably took 6 hours. But i usually only have 2-3 hours max on a certain day to play so most characters took 3 days to beat it.

If its not a race for your playstyle then sit back an enjoy the game. Unfortunately it is a race for my playstyle because i like to finish things quickly and never have as much time to play as i wished so i tend to fly through everything quick and take as many shortcuts as i can lol.

Sep 27, 2009
Nathaniel OgreBlad... on Mar 28, 2013 wrote:
I took a long break from the game when I was in MooShu, and then I did GH and WT. So about 3-4 months lol.
Same here, I just didn't want to admit it

Aug 08, 2012
I'm almost done with it. I'm in Village of Sorrow and it's been two weeks.

Jasmine Rainbowdreamer level 40 Life Wizard

Dec 27, 2011
Ok so I am a level 50 wizard and I seriously
Have been stuck on mooshu for a complete year.
Can any one help me finish mooshu

Victorialevel 50

Jun 22, 2009
I beat it in half a day the first half of the day was Marylebone