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How do you get to MooShu?

May 27, 2012
I really want the ninja pig spell and pet so if someone could help me that would help a lot.

Jul 13, 2013
zoff2 on Aug 12, 2014 wrote:
I really want the ninja pig spell and pet so if someone could help me that would help a lot.
Okay well first of all the loremaster is theone that gives away spells and you have to be an artisan in order to craft the ninja pig spell but you can get the pet pretty easily.

To get to Mooshu you have to finish the Big Ben in Marelybone but if you're not up for that here is what you do:

Go to castle tours in the commons and click on top rated twice. Then visit a house that has the Midnight Sun Pagoda. Usually the Pyramid of the Sun houses have both Midnight Sun pagoda and Winterbane hall. You'll want to team up with three or four people, and at least one needs to be a Grandmaster or up. Then you do several tears inside the dungeon until you finish. I get about three ninja pigs each time I do Midnight Sun Pagoda, so they aren't very hard to get. I am guessing you are a pretty low level so make sure you go in there with a lot of healing spells and treasure cards and leave most of the attacking to a high level person.
Hope this helped
Myrna Dragoncloud, Grandmaster

Jul 02, 2014
I do not think you could get the ninja pig spell.that easely.

also you need to finish marlybone before you go to mooshu.you need to finish big ben then talk to headmaster ambrose.Then he will give you the spiral key to mooshu.

I know know alot about wizard101 so.

Nov 25, 2009
Ninja Pig spell is dropped by Koto. I think he's in Cave of Solitude. You just need to have friend take you there. Unless you have done the quest involving him, you will need to port to your friend inside. It can take a while to get the spell drop. One of mine had to beat Koto 73 times to win the spell, but one of mine got it on the third try.

Until you get it, you can always just buy the TCs in the Bazaar. Once you have the spell, you can put Sun enchantments on it, and it will have serious damage per pip!

May 12, 2009
Hello zoff2,
My first comment onto your topic is that the title is very misleading. Please don't post titles that don't correspond with your topic.
Now, for my actual help. You can get all you need to know for the Ninja Pig pet off of this link here:
And here is the link for the Ninja Pigs Spell:

Best of luck!

~Shannon Skybreaker

May 07, 2014
you have to finish all of marleybone. i am keira lifepetal level 42