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How do i beat Mika Skarka in Mooshu

Jan 04, 2010
I am a player in wizard101 and i need help with a boss in Mooshu named Mika Skarka. I'm level 73 and i really want to defeat this boss cause i really wanna go to Avalon.My gear is,Hat:Hot-Tempered Chieftains mask,Robe:Fire Valley Outfit,Shoes:Steppers of Ice and Fire,Wand:Balanced Longbow,Athames:Razor Thorn,Amulet:Wyrm`s Curse Charm,Ring:Esop`s Dancing ringPet:Adult Helephant,Deck:Bundle of Eternal Flame.I've been trying to get the waterworks gear but i tried 3 times and i didn't have any luck getting it.If you can give me tips on how to beat Mika Skarka and good gear(except waterworks) please reply to me and if you wanna add me my name is Brandon FrogCaller.

Sep 06, 2010
*Facepalm* i forgot all about this boss! i thought it was the one in celestia in crustacean empire! now i gotta sort this out on another post! *facepalm*

Jul 16, 2012
Mika Skarka is a rank 11 boss, and is Immune to stuns and beguile.

School: life
Healing Spells known: Mend, Regenerate, Rebirth
Damage spells known: Forest lord, natures wrath, life banshee, seraph, centaur and gnomes
Other: black mantle, empower, life trap, life blade

Resistance: life spells by 80%
Boosts: 35% boosts by fire and death spells
Health: 11,100
Minion: student of Khai

Spells to bring: many shields(lots of life spells) and health spells,if you have reshuffle,life wizards bring convert life to death. High damage spells, and some fire spells.

Equipment: a wand with a death spell, healing pets, anything that gives resistance or lots of life.

Helpful tips: maybe bring a friend. Defeat the minion first.
Location: MooShu Jade Palace, Tower of absolute being

Hope this helps! Dolan Griffontalon Master Diviner (level 47)

Jul 28, 2011
Like my friend Blaze WaterGem told me, shield, blade, attack, and heal when needed. I did it in that speciffic order, and I won.

Good luck!

-Angela DragonStone