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High damage hit on Oyotomi the Defiler

Mar 12, 2010
Today I stacked damage augment cards and hit without a crit on Oyotomi for 43,806 regular damage. I wish I could post my snapshot, it really shows how powerful the Death school can become.

Doing the math, with all the current modifiers and treasure cards, it appears a Skeletal Pirate, with a monstrous hand giving a base max of 735, then all the modifiers applied in decending order, can hit a max non-crit of 43,066 to a monster with no weakness to death. Crit- 86,132.

So a monster with a weakness modifier to death, between 0% to 100% or in the mathimatical calculation of the damage (x 1.0 to x 2.0), can recieve a total damage between 86,132 and 172,264. That is insane!

(My calulations assume a +75% damage card multiplies the base damage of a card by [1.75]. Considering the highest multiplier is cast first and so applied in this sequence in percentage: 75dt, 70d, 30dark pact, 45dt, 40d, 40dt, 35d, 35b, 30d, 30b, 25d, 25b. 20b, 20d, 20(aura), the chain = 43066 from a 735 base damge card. The letters following the numbers above are the school the card originates from. These all stack, and hopefully I didn't leave any out.)

I will leave it to your imagination as to which cards to use. Take care!

May 20, 2010
If you want to make a point of it, there's a video out somewhere and documentation on Wizard101 Central of a player doing over 130 MILLION damage with one hit.