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Help beating Mika Sharka with Balance Wizard

Aug 27, 2010
Ok I have managed to beat Mika Sharka the first try, but my wife is having trouble with him. She is a Lvl 74 Balance Wizard and Balance school has good spells, but she is having a hard time getting to use them. Her health is a bit over 4000 and she can usually hang with me pretty good, but since this is a Solo Dungeon, She is having to do it herself. Anyone got any tips and tricks or advice on how she can beat this guy? She is getting seriously frustrated as she has tried different strategies. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!

Dec 31, 2011
It really should not be hard for 6 of 7 schools.... Balance and Ice Can Beat them, but it takes a while. Death and Myth can beat them pretty easily. But if storm or fire are having a hard time, Avalon will be very hard for you.... Life is the only school that really should have trouble with HER. Because we have so many weak attacks... and she IS life so we have to max our converts. I **Go Big Or Go Home** Life Version. I've hit a 1,000,000 with SERAPH. Honestly, Balance can use Spirit defuse on Mika.

I have not yet gotten Forest lord -.- so my strongest attack would be centaur.. and I haven't beaten her, after 3 days of being done with Zafaria

May 24, 2012
Balance has a great spell with that sandstorm thing - it hits all enemies? She may also have too many cards in her hand. It will be an advantage if she is carrying a wand that IS NOT as Balance wand. My Balance carries a death wand. Use the one with the sparklers not the cards. That way you can cast a hit without using pips. #2. Go to the bazaar and look for treasure cards that are "Tough", "Strong", and "Monstrous". They look like fists or paws. They are to add blasting power to cards in your hand. Choose a card that will hit all foes, boost it with "Monstrous" and your Balance blade and you should be able to deliver some pretty good hits. Again, keep your hand pretty lean. 3 Sandstorm (or 4), 3 blades, and a couple health sprites. Have the rest of your strikes in your treasure cards. When I'm reaching a hurdle like this I sometimes go to an easier world and practice until I'm comfortable with the new arrangement. Balance can hit, just don't be shy. Good luck.

Oct 21, 2010
I had a very very hard time defeating Mika Sharka, and I am ice. It took me a while but my tips are 1) Kill her minion first, starting with the weaker enemy is almost always the best thing to do 2) Put a few heals in your deck, the satyr spell has saved me 100,000,000+ times 3) Pets aren't just for looks. If you can get a pet that gives a card or 2, of has the ability spritely, it does help. 4) Blades and traps work wonders! A weak attack is a powerful one if you take the time to blade yourself and trap the enemy. People are always talking about how terrible ice and balance are, but we can be just as powerful as other schools if we just try

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