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Has Oni loot been changed?

Community Leader
I've done the Jade Oni and the Plague Oni a few times in the last several weeks, and where they used to drop a couple of items, one of which would be fairly nice, even if not for my school, now both of them (have not tried the others recently) just drop poor loot that nobody would wear.

I killed Plague Oni tonight, and the loot was typical -- one item, Vexing Boots, death school only, 29 health, +3% power pip chance. Along with 83 gold and 96 xp.

That's really poor payment for finishing a fairly long instance and defeating the final boss, and it's far less than the loot that used to drop. A friend and I killed Jade Oni about four times in a row a little while back, and both of us only got this kind of useless loot, and none of the Jade Oni's signature drops.

Could a member of the Faculty check into this and ensure that the Onis are not being just a little too stingy with their treasure?

Mar 01, 2009
i hope they increase the chance of getting a sword or a good clothes by the time i fight a oni i am Ryan dragon flame a level 38 myth wizard and please reply if you have any news or if you can tell me how many times you had to fight a oni to get rare loot thanks

Jul 12, 2008
I thought it was just me. I have noticed that all of the bosses have been dropping crummy loot lately. Can't remember the last drop I got that was worth keeping. It was before the last big update... could just be a coincidence I suppose.

Oct 03, 2008
Its all really luck based, sometimes you get good gear and sometimes you don't. After having absolutely rotten luck in Dragonsypre, I decided to get the best death gear in mooshu. It took me only two tries to get the death boots from jade oni, 4 runs of oakheart for the hat, nad i ogt the death robes from death oni on my first go ( plus kagemoosha's sword from when i beat him just prior to death oni.) For total monetary value, i made about 1000-1500 gold from those battles, so the loot hasn't changed. You're probably experiencing bad luck similar to what i'm having in dragopnsypre getting the best gear there.
Almost all the drops I got there were junk that sold rather low, and did not change over many repeated runs. This is really just a luck based system, you just have to have tons of patience to get anything worthwhile.

Dec 12, 2008
Lol the Jade Oni, I remember when i tried to get the storm sword... 18 or 19 battles in a row, half a day + next morning gone and no sword. It was quite sad and I do agree it the sword drop rate should be upped a bit.

Aug 02, 2008
i have been battling the jade oni for some time now and all i have been getting is clothes ... it is good clothes, just not for my school.

i cant get the drop i want

Jan 19, 2009
it might be bad to earn bad stuff but you never know how much those items worth thet might give you 500 or 600 for those robes, hats,or boots

Apr 18, 2009
Sep 24, 2008
I battle each of the Oni daily, well not in there homes. Me and my friends go and beat the jade oni then the other 3 appear and we figh them all. But I have done way over 20 - 30 battles, and nothing very good. A few battles ago I got The Jade Oni's Amythest Blade, which is what I wanted the most, but I also got a awesome robe from the plaque oni. But I cant tell you how many pairs of Death Boots, Fire Robes, Balance junk I have gotton. And it's for there schools only. I say at least customize what he drops for you depending on your school. The only other thing I want is The Jade Oni's Amulet of duplicity I think it is spelled, and it gives Hydra... so ya.

Jun 20, 2009
the sad thing is that me and a bunch of people i have met in the 6 months i have been a member and have beat this game long long ago , we are now starting a group in WOW.
Ill have to decide which one to keep and one to delete from my computer.
Its just that the drops are so low and the pay off so low , i thought at one time that when i got to a grand status it would pay off , but still its set to be just bait to keep me fishing.
it is sad for i do like the game but im weary of 10 to 20 battles trying to FARM for things i need and the crafting is just asking way to much.
i know it is set to have you explore and look and journey , but i know every knook and cranny of wiz city and the other worlds and yet im jus getting so put out of the whole ( try try try) and we will give you a tiny bit thing. :? :x

Oct 21, 2009
Dont worry, it hasnt been changed, i think they just lowered the percentages of better stuff. But i got Jade oni's peridot sword first time i battled him, and i got Oyotomi's jade blade the 20th time i battled him.

May 29, 2009
I was battling the Jade Oni so I could sell the drops for quick gold to buy my school house. I got THREE Angelic Helms. These are crowns only items and come with the Life Seraph card. I have also received the Jade Oni's Amethyst sword. So I think he is still dropping good stuff, you just got to be persistent.

Alura Hexcaster Grandmaster Sorceress