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hard cheating boss

Nov 26, 2008
I cant beat the boss in mooshu for the lvl 58 spell and i keep dieing people say that the only way to beat him is to use the people who help who are in the crown shop i forgot what their called but anyways i dont have enough crowns but every time i try to beat him i always die becuase he cheats but people say every boss in celestia cheats but i never notice plz help me

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
By the time you reach level 58 and are going for the level 58 spell, you should have a good handle on your school's spells and fighting styles, cheating boss or not.

Now, others may use henchmen, but you have minions...they only cost pips to cast. So, arrange your deck so you can get minions out turn one, make sure you can call again when necessary. Have plenty of small heals available to use when necessary.

Then once the minion has the attention, hit the Boss's minion, take it out, turn it into a two-on-one in your favor.

The level 58 Boss battles are either quick (you loosing), or long (you winning). Once you have lost, you understand the 'cheating' it uses and can adjust your deck and style of play to fit.

May 26, 2009
I'm assuming this is for the level 58 storm spell, Leviathan, so here goes.

- Take out the minion (who will use rebirth!).
- Use your minion as a target for the boss; he will heal and shield you, too. Summon another minion if your first one dies.
- Use the treant polymorph spell AFTER buffing up and putting tons of blades on yourself; heal to full health.
- Attack the boss when you feel you aren't about to die
- Wear clothes that resist the boss' school (fire, right?).
- Use feint.
- Shield all the time (you have 70% fire shields, so use them).
- Have tons of treasure cards for healing, shielding, etc.
- Make sure your health doesn't drop down too low; the boss may critical and kill you in one hit.
- Wild bolt may not be the best strategy

It's okay if you die. Just don't give up, and try again! I hope this helps in some way ;)

Nov 26, 2008