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grandfather tree question for mooshu

Mar 16, 2009
looking for oakheart in mooshu i am at the area but can not get in the house and do not see him is there something i am supose to do first or am i in the wrong area any guidence would help thank you

Dec 12, 2008
well, i'm on that quest too! and i can't find oakheart anywhere
so if you have an answer, please tell me, Thanks Saffron Dragonblade lv.48

Dec 12, 2008
I have an answer to find oakheart! You have to complete the tasks that mossback, wavebringer,and oakheart in the tree of life(only oakheart is in the tree of life). :-D

Apr 03, 2009
I have completed all three of those and still cannot find Oakheart or get in the house. If someone else has an idea on this please let us know. This has been giving me a problem for 2 days now. Thanks Artur Bluecloud lvl 48

Mar 05, 2009
There are four quests for Mossback, then one for Wavebringer. After that you finish with Oakheart the first time go back to Wavebringer, he'll give you one more quest to finish and then you can get back to Oakheart in the dojo.

Sep 01, 2008
ok, I am in that same situation. I did the quest from wave bringer, and then defeated oakheart. Then wave bringer tells me to go to oakheart in jade palace. I still cant get in there; am I to go get him some place else?

I too am now on three days trying to get my spell...

If someone has a true sequence of events that would be great.

Nov 08, 2008
i am a grandmaster and i am life i got the card so i can tell you how to get to oakheart in jadepalace first you need to complete mossbacks and wavebringers quest to get oakhearts quests in the tree of life then after you complete oakheart in the tree of life he tells you to meet him at jade palace then you go in the place where oakheart is in jade palace and then talk to him the you complete that quest and then you will have to do other things to get it hope this helped bye!!!! 8)

Sep 28, 2008
In the Village of Sorrow, do WaveBringers quest and that will lead to OakHeart. He is in the Tree of Life, OakHeart that is, but the Village of Sorrow is where you fight him. Go there and as before do Wavebringers quest.
That should open the dojo for you.

James DeathHammer
lvl 50 GrandMaster
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