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Extra pagoda in Shiritake? Lit blue but can't get

Dec 31, 2008
In Shiritake Temple, in lower left corner of map is a large green complex where you fight for key. On the road to that complex, there is a plain unlabeled pagoda. The door and windows are lit up in bright blue, but we could not get in. After plague oni was defeated the door was still lit blue but we still couldn't get in.

Is this an extra boss? a hidden side quest? or just a bug?

Sep 20, 2008
I noticed this too. I tried getting in . It could be for a quest later on in another world.

Nov 04, 2008
nope that isn't part of any quest and i asked all of my grandmaster of every element to look at it and they all said it must be a bug because i know of a lot of houses in mooshu that are like that

Apr 18, 2009
I've done this instance 3 times and I always see that house. Each time I've done it I've been helping others and we ran in opened a gear looking door with a lever and a spirit wall with a brazier and gone to the quest guy. I just got there myself and not following someone else I decided to explore. when you enter before the first gear door I found a house down a dead end street with a boss I've never faught before, and he dropped a key. I tryed using the key on the lit blue house but still can't enter, The server went down before I could try the door again after killing wavebringer, so I don't know if I'm on to something or not. Has anyone else killed the boss I found and know what the key is for?

Dec 31, 2008
The key from the very first hut in Shirataki is used to open that first gate with the lever. When you were helping your friends, they must have done the quest before and gotten the key, so they were able to work the lever without getting the key again. When it was your quest, if you had gone to the lever before finding the first hut, I believe you would have found the lever locked.

After my second wizard saw the lit-up mystery pagoda on her turn thru Mooshu, and my first one saw it still lit up and locked when returning for the obsidian chest, I went ahead and filed a bug report. If it is a mistake, at least it doesn't stop anyone from playing the game. Maybe a new boss will appear in there one day!