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Error 123 Mushu Sound Dialogue

Sep 23, 2008
Hey there,
Today i was going to Mushu, when it was making the updates, my game client has crashed...
Then when i try to login, it appears and error :

Error 123: You were unable to complete the Wizard101 download.

The Problem is not my proxy, but i just can't download a file called: CRC_Sound_Dialogue_MS-WorldData

It just stops patching this file in the launcher...
It must be a problem with this file....

Somebody Help me

We should be able to get you around it! Please try this:

*Delete C:\Program Files\KingsIsle Entertainment\Wizard101\/Data/GameData/Sound_Dialogue-WorldData.wad
*Replace that with this: http://versionllnw.us.wizard101.com/WizPatcher/LatestBuild/Data/GameData/Sound_Dialogue-WorldData.wad?v=401F035A
*Relaunch Wizard101!

That should do it! If you get stuck patching again, just send me a copy of your WizardLauncher.log.txt files so I can see where you're getting hung up. Good luck!