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Equipment from Mooshu - drops, recipes?

Dec 07, 2009
I'm a level 35 death wizard, and am in mooshu. Are there any good equipment worth farming or crafthing my current gear is ok, but I'd like to improve it.
here's my gear:
ring - band of extinction - 108hp+88mp
cat burglar's cap - 113hp
deck of banshee - 40 cards
footwraps of anguish- 2% d attk , 6% d def
anthane - mugsy's stylish antheme - 85hp
sophiscated tunic - 198 hp

I really wish to get better boots, so anything good in mooshu? Thanks. :-)

P.S I don't have $$ in crowns

Dec 08, 2009
Have you visited the bazaar in olde town? If you sell all the robes you won't use there you will get a lot of money. My advice is to buy the best robes there. I am not sure what your stats should look like with death but I would guess at least 20% attack bonus, probably about 15-25 power pip % depending on what ring and athame you get, probably 10-15% death defense and and a decent amount of health. You can choose the colors to be sure that your outfit matches too :-). I don't think there is much worth looting for in mooshu if you compare to the stuff in the bazaar! I have a legendary balance and a grandmaster storm, and i bought almost all of their gear in the bazaar :-).

Getting these robes will also help you in defeating your enemies.