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Doorway to Crimson Fields

Jun 30, 2013
I am hoping the good Professor sees this post.

My Death Wizard reached level 38 and I was asked to go to my trainer to learn a spell. He sent me to speak with a spirit in Krokotopia who in turn directed me to Mooshu and capture an Oni. However as I reached the Doorway to Crimson Fields I seem to have come across a glitch. I cannot gain entry through the doorway. Did I miss a step somewhere? I do not think I did but maybe I am mistaken. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Joseph Deathstalker

If you have not earned entry to that zone through storyline quest progression, you will need to either teleport to a friend in that zone, or wait until you have opened it yourself on that character.
You will encounter this scenario in a few locations, just continue completing the main storyline quests to open zones you cannot access yet.

Jun 30, 2013
OK that is what I will do. I guess I got thrown off because I was in Wysteria when I received the message to see the trainer. I also have been doing quests in Mooshu but have not been taken to the Crimson Fields through an independent quest line.

Thank you for straightening that out for me Professor!!