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Didn't Get Credit for Reading the Book...Now What?

May 09, 2009
In the Crimson Fields, I made it to the final bad guy. Before battling him, I read the book. Then I defeated him, and the elephant he turned into. However, I still have as a quest to read the book.

When I went back to the book, I was unable to interact with it. Now what?

Jul 04, 2009
I am having the same problem in the Shirataki Temple.

When I was first ask to go in there and I find no monk, I read the book. Now, after convincing Sesshu Nedaki to become the new monk, the quest guide is pointing to the book and telling me I need to read it.

It still shows up in the Current Quest screen as not having read it yet, but now I can't read it again in order to get the credit for it.

Jul 04, 2009
Nevermind. I have gotten credit for reading the book. What I am encountering is a glitch in the Quest Guide that keeps pointing me to enter the Shrine of the Spirit in the Kishibe Village in order to read "The Early Times" book in the Shirataki Temple.