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Dependable party members wanted

May 02, 2009
I want to complete Jade Oni but I can't solo it and no party I've been in to complete it sticks around past WaveBringer. If you need help getting through that quest too, see Morgrim DragonRider. I'm usually in Mooshu but will go there from anywhere else to get it out of the way..

Apr 26, 2009
I'd be happy to help, however, is there any way you could help me with Crimson Fields first?
I'm in MooShu now, in the Seraph realm. My wizard's name is Olivia ThunderStone.

Jun 30, 2009
Either one of you able to help defeat the Corrupted Earth Spirits? I have managed to get three out of six, and when I battle two of them, by the time my character is defeated, I barely have defeated one.

I am an Ice Wizard and the Balefrost supplements my ice spells, but the evil minions through rocks, leprechans, krakens and banshees at me in four turns and I am back at the starting point.

I have missions in three worlds that leave me scratching my head. I am Timothy Pearlflower and a level 33 Ice Wizard that gets sent back to the starting points usually in four turns between 2 minions, and quicker when people pop in, but when a third minion arrives, they bail out.

I am getting depressed that I have no way of undestanding what I am doing wrong.

Timothy Pearlflower
Level 33 Ice Wizard