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deleted quest in moosu

Nov 29, 2008
i was walking along happily abaout to turn in my quest for the mooshu main quest and i got into battle after thst battle was over when i talked to the guy it said to he just said i must look after mooshu young wizard and did not give my quest and no xp nothing. now i am a level 56 and still in mooshu. plz tell me how to get my quest back.

Thank You, william, level 56 franmaster fire, not oni slayer

Young Wizard, you have just barely stepped into MooShu.

The last storyline quest you completed was "Cold Cut" (Click for link).

To pick up the next storyline quest "Appetite for Destruction" (Click for link) you must speak to Shai Fung in Tataki Outpost

May 17, 2011
I have the same problem. I was walking out to speak to this guy for the main story line quest then i accidentely got into a battle then there was no quest altogether. Someone please help me.