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Defeating Kai Tengri

Feb 18, 2011
this is a rank ten boss. a solo battle? are you kidding? Two messages appear' leveling the playing field. what does that mean? Use of charms, what does that mean. I can't even come cose to defeating him and his menion.

May 20, 2010
This is for the Leviathan spell quest. It's a solo battle; no other wizards can help, although you can use Henchmen and your Storm Minion.

Kai Tengri uses big Fire spells. To protect yourself, go to the Bazaar and buy 10 or so Fire Shields---get the 90% variety if you can---and put them in your sideboard.

Be sure to mark your spot outside so you can get back quickly if you lose.

This is a tough battle. If you can't/won't buy henchmen and/or potions, you're going to need every advantage you can. Use a Fire Shield on your first turn. If the enemy goes first, leave. I seldom recommend this, but you need the advantage on the first turn.

The battle strategy is to keep a Fire Shield on yourself at all times if you can. Get your Darkwind aura down, then use a Storm Blade. If you have an Elemental Blade, use it, too. Then go after the minion with Triton. When it's gone, blade again, use Feint if you have it, and go after Mr. Tengri.