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Defeat Eight

Apr 18, 2013
I'm a level 38 Magus and honestly all these 'Defeat 8' quests are driving me absolutely mad! I've spent lots of gold on multiple enemy attack cards because immolate is overtime and takes a while and meteor strike only kills when I blade up and trap! Attacking one enemy at a time causes my health to lower from the other enemies and it's especially tricky with fire enemies because I have to wait for a prism and then they ice shield! My secondary is death and I don't have any attack all spells, although vampire comes in handy when I need a little health. Are there any strategies or a good way to set up my deck for guaranteed success? I'm running out of gold!

May 09, 2010
Some people have been complaining about this, but for now, all I can say is work past it. There are plenty of other neat worlds to explore beyond Mooshu. Hope this helps.

Blaze Stormmancer

Mar 01, 2014
I i'm a fellow fire wizard and I have gone through that problem. I seemingly came across a long term partner doing one of these quests and I had mostly had someone else from another school defeating some of the same school as I am. because lets face it its very annoying to have to defeat a large group of fire enemies and not having a mass prism in hand when your ready to attack. I would say go to a crowed realm and if your lucky and find others ask to join there battles. But that's my personal opinion if it makes any sense.

Blaze Fireshard lvl 100
Edward Skydreamer lvl 92
Blaze Shadowshard lvl 36

Oct 09, 2011
I've actually never had any problems soloing with Fire. There's no need to buy Treasure Card AoEs either. You don't need to kill the enemies in one hit, you can for example use two Meteors, or you could just blade up for a Scald. It's a DoT, yeah, but that's not a problem unless you're against Fire enemies, in which case you can just use Prisms and Meteor. The best TCs to use are Pierce to get rid of the Snow Shields and Cleanse Charm to get rid of Weakness.

Jul 04, 2012
Answer no.1 :
Get more gold (100gold each time) . You just go to commons(wizard city), (I forgot krokotopia one), Regeant Square(Marleybone), Jade palace(mooshu), (Dragonspyre one), Celestia Base Camp(celestia ect.
Answer no.2 : Keep trying (use unused or bad treasure cards if need)
Answer no.3 : Ask a friend to help

Lvl 59

I hope these help!

May 31, 2013
First of all, if you put a prism on the enemy before they shield themselves then the shield will cancel out. I also recommend getting tough so you can do more damage with your meteor spell. You can also do more damage by getting the elemental blades from niles in krokatopia. if you want better gear then i suggest that you go on wizard central and check out the charts they have there (it actually REALLY helpful). Hope this helps!!


- Blaze MythBlood lvl 43