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crimson fields immpossible!!!

Jul 09, 2010
I can not get past crimson fields. I have tried five times still never completed it. I am death and myth.

Jul 03, 2010
wizman222431 wrote:
I can not get past crimson fields. I have tried five times still never completed it. I am death and myth.

My suggestion is make sure the gear is the best for your level, getting pips now starts to become important. Drop the Myth spells from your deck and shorten it up to work you health stealing spells to your advantage, with Ghoul, Vampire and Wraith, if you are level 42 go see your teacher to get that, you can keep your self going quite well. Fill your potion bottles, get wisps for health after each fight. If you use your minion do it at low pips so you don't waste them on him and have to wait for a damage spell. 40% blade and 30% trap go a long way on your spells. My run around deck would be 1 Dark Sprite, 2 Ghouls, 1 Witch, 3 Vampires, 1 Skeletal Pirate and 2 Wraiths, 1 Sacrifice, Sprite if I am soloing, 1 Minion, 1 Feint, 2 30% traps, 3 40% blades, only use Feint if you can afford to take a hit with the 30% trap it places on you. Swap in and out converts for death bosses. Even at this the deck is a little large but seems to be all around handy. It is also time to start using the Blade from Niles in Krock Land, on the island you take the boat ride to, they cost 1 pip to cast but can really help build up your spells, you will need 1 training point for the Blade

Mooshu starts to separate the gamers from the family funners - a lot of younger players drop off here because play gets a little more then they can figure out and help is not always possible for everyone in the game, in fact I believe a lot of us end up soloing to get though and it can get down right lonely out there wandering around by your self. Here the cool clothes may not be the best ones for fighting, your deck set up requires you to drop useless spells that don't take the monsters out in a short amount of time and learn that you don't need to fill the deck with cards just because there is room to, fall back on some of those treasure cards you collected a long the way as fill ins. Some fights require thought on how you are going to take them down rather then just show up and throw spells at them.

No matter what school you are it is all about learning how to work with what you are given - it will take practice and determination. Learn from your mistakes, don't get defeated if you get defeated go back and try again.

Nov 30, 2011
well i have completed crimson fields so i guess i can help you :D

Nov 30, 2011
Well i have already completed crimson fields so i can probaly help you. I am a level 43 storm wizard. Wanna meet in satyr? :D

Aug 22, 2010
Just get a friend. If not you can always ask for help on central.

Nov 29, 2009
i never mind helping a fellow wizard out my storm is stuck on getting the metal in DS
Carlos WillowStaff Level 70 Pyromancer
Carlos WillowStaff Level 68 Necromancer
Carlos WillowStaff Level 23 Theurgist
Carlos WillowStaff Level 46 Diviner
Joseph Griffinhorn level 54 Balance

Oct 19, 2010
I can help you if you'd like! Meet me right in front of the entrance on April 12, 2012 at 12:00 on realm: Ghoul. If your not there, I can't help you. But I have good spells. I've defeated the War Oni a couple of times now.

~Emily IceBlood Level 41 Death :D

May 08, 2011
I'm death and myth and I finished at lvl 42 . What part do you keep getting stuck at

Timothy Darksword Master Necromancer 44 8)

Feb 29, 2012
wizman222431 wrote:
I can not get past crimson fields. I have tried five times still never completed it. I am death and myth.

I did it on my Storm witch and soloed it until the Oni. Just call in friends if needed.

Apr 27, 2012
Calling in friends really helps, especially for the Dungeon's final boss.
A lot of people in Wizard101 are really helpful, and I defeated Crimson
Fields with the help of a friend, too. :)

(And be sure to stock up on potions and treasure cards if you want to do it solo!)

- Savannah LifeHunter, Level 43 Theurgist

Jun 08, 2012
I completed crimson fields easily at level 35. But I did have to call in a friend to help with the war oni. It all depends on how strong you and your friends are.
Also depends on your card variety. For example, I am a conjurer. It is hard to beat other myth users, so I have a deck completely made of storm spells to have the ability to beat creatures of my same element.

Hope this helped.