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crimson book stand recipe

Nov 15, 2009
I am trying to do the craft crimson book stand quest and supposedly Toshio is suppose to have that recipe. For some reason when i try to buy the recipe its not there!!! can anyone pls advise? I am getting quite fustrated with this.

Thank you

Alicia Moondust

Mar 30, 2012
You may be at the wrong vendor ( I doubt it), but did you check the furniture section? The arrow in the top right corner. Also, I think it is called Crimson Book Shelve. I got confused with this too.

Cheryl 8) 8) 8)
Level 59 Myth
Scarecrow Realm

Apr 10, 2010
You will find the recipe vendor in Marleybone for the crimson book stand. I found that out when my first wizard received that crafting quest. After she ran to all the recipe vendors in each world.

Jul 03, 2010
The bookshelf given as a crafting quest in DragonSpry is available at the craft quest giver in Mooshu, not the reagent vendor the sheep next to him, and is under furniture recipes. If it is not showing up for you it is possible it was bought and in your backpack under furniture craft recipes?

If not you may need to contact KI about it. You will also need the furniture crafting table which is not quite clear in the quest directions. This recipe steps up crafting by requiring items not normally available and a ton of them to prepare you for the Celestia craft quest I guess.