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Mar 30, 2009
I have almost completed all the Marleybone quests, I just have Jacques and another more simple one. The thing is, I have not received the Mooshu entrance. I stopped playing this game for about a year so I am hopelessly lost remembering where all the entrances are. I cannot remember if MooShu has it's own street entrance or if it is featured through the doors like Marleybone and Wisteria. Weird thing is, I have a quest for MooShu in my book to find all the books, but no actual ability to go there. I have completed Grizzelheim and now almost done with Marleybone..so I will be needing to get access soon. Anyone?

You answered your own question, young Wizard.
I have almost completed all the Marleybone quests
You must complete your required tasks in Marleybone before you will be able to access MooShu through the Spiral door. Continue on your current quest "Doctor of Deception" to continue the required story in Marleybone.